All   that  glitters  is  gold…

3 ways to add gold glitter to your life

So, if I have learned one thing since moving to the south (Raleigh, NC to be exact), it’s that southerners love monograms, gold and glitter as much as Bojangles and sweet tea. I guess that is part of the reason why I love it here!

When I am working a project I find my inner monologue saying “Do this need some glitter??? Gold glitter?” I want to share 3 types of projects that I worked on and added a little extra spice of gold glitter.

Back in the day when I wanted to make a custom shirt, I would buy the packs of tacky printable iron-on sheets and slap it on a shirt and call it day. Well, iron on materials have come a loooooong way and paired with a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine, you are pretty much unstoppable.

The selection of HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) available to the consumers has sky rocked over the last few years. There are lots of good options of HTV at Michaels and Joann. The online options make the selection seem endless and a little overwhelming.

I am pretty brand loyal to Siser EasyWeed from Michaels or online at Expressions Vinyl. They have tons of colors including solid, patterned and of course GLITTER!

Knack-DIYUmmm okay, I am super obsessed with all tote bags, I think I may have 100 (ok maybe not that many but it seems like it). So, when I discovered I could buy blank bags online at a pretty good price and doll it up with some HTV I heard the heavens rejoicing! The possibilities are literally endless between designs and HTV options.

In this bag, I designed it for a friend and wanted to keep it simple. The K is gold glitter HTV and the flowers are solid EasyWeed. I found this flower design on and used my Cricut Air Explore 2 to cut this gorgeous design.


Now that every one of your shirts and bags are going to be covered with HTV, we can move onto glittered wood signs.

Knack-DIY-2As I think of Thanksgiving, Christmas or pretty much any other day of the year, I think about how I can add more gold glitter to it.

When working with wood signs think about gold glitter and mod podge like peanut butter and jelly. They kinda work apart but are so much better together.

If you are working with a stencil on the sign, you want to cover your word/image with gold paint. Once it is dries add a little mod podge and sprinkle the glitter.

Three tips

  1. Work in small areas as mod podge dries really fast.
  2. Be heavy handed with the glitter. A good amount of glitter will come up with the stencil. Plus, I mean, can you ever have too much glitter??? “In case you weren’t sure- the answer is NOPE!”
  3. Use fine glitter, it stays on better then the chunky glitter.

How could there possibly be another way to fit glitter into your life? Edible glitter. Yup, we are going there.

When I think of crafting for some reason baking gets lumped in there (just how my brain works, let’s not try to figure it out).

Wilton makes a line of edible glitter that you can add to anything. I mean the most obvious is cupcakes, but let’s step outside the box…pasta noodles or pizza or pancakes…yep it’s a thing, google it.

Imagine you are walking into a party with your plate of glittered cupcakes and they sparkle in the light and you are pretty much the talk of the night. Not all hero’s wear capes.

Knack DIY 3

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I challenge you to think of projects or new ways you can add glitter to your life. With the holiday season right around the corner this should be pretty easy!

Just remember…She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes.